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East Coast Law

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East Coast Conveyancing had grown over a period of a decade. The business had diversified and the value in being NSW largest known conveyancing brand was under threat. The way people use conveyancers was changing too.

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Case Study - Law firm rejuvenates long standing brand

East Coast Law is a success story of customer service and relationship marketing. But the growth had created some brand problems that needed a sound strategic workover. In addition, East Coast Law also noted that the way people use legal services was changing rapidly in a digital world.

The company had to overhaul its marketing approach - introducing digital tools - without diminishing the brand value of its largest component - Conveyancing.


After 2 weeks of desk research, we locked ourselves away with the regional managers for 2 days. Simon Sinek's "Start with Why for organisations" process uncovered several unique insights into the organisation that became the team's brand values statement.

Later on we ran an Empathy Mapping process to get a clear picture of their customer journeys. With the needs of the brand fully understood, the brand upgrade was briefed.

Following the Workshop, a smaller team worked on INBOUND goal setting and a new online marketing plan was finalised.

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