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E-Commerce website, SEO

In the cut-throat world of industrial hardware, Ovesco has dominated with a high functioning, integrated e-commerce site as the cornerstone of a healthy digital marketing ecosystem.

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Case Study - Industrial Hardware outlet dominates with e-commerce

Ovesco approached Nimbler Digital to partner with them as they moved into the e-commerce world. With New South Wales and Queensland showrooms, the plan to build an online shop had to be well managed.

The new website was also a brand relaunch. Its functionality had to reflect the company's reputation for service and product knowledge. It also had to integrate with the parent company's Accounting and Inventory programs.

Tiered corporate discounts, corporate automated marketing campaigns and a complex 3 stage checkout process all had to be developed as well as an intuitive search function for over 20,000 products. 


Increase in orders
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User Experience (UX)

After spending much time with the client working through target markets and user personas, the website, we developed a detailed UX design.

With over 20,000 products integrated through the clients back office accounting and POS software, we then added tiered client log-in features and completed the design.

Our SEO team then reviewed the planned build and instigated several nomenclature changes to ensure Search performance. 

Once the site was complete, we planned a corporate client program, newsletters and social media strategy with video playing a significant role win monthly activities.

  • Fully responsive Silverstripe E-Commerce site with advanced mega-menu and search functions
  • 3 Blogs on site facilitate healthy SEO activities and content publishing that is relevant for various target segments.
  • An effective PPC strategy followed including retargeting campaigns 
  • automated email workflows are used online to ensure healthy customer engagement

As with all major site strategies, there are always things to learn and improvements that can be made over time. We work with ovesco closely each month to maximise their ROI.

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For over 2 years, we have worked hard with ovesco to grow their online business. We meet every fortnight with the marketing team planning quarterly campaigns, automated email workflows and PPC activities.

Since the launch site traffic has grown over 100% and a corporate "Open for Business" programme sees corporate and repeat purchasers grow month on month.


The industrial and transport hardware market, like many, is undergoing rapid digital transformation. Online competition is fierce and growing share of voice is a permanent challenge.

This site relaunch coincided with a rebrand. Our job was and remains to present the brand in a modern way without alienating an older market. 

We continually work with the client ad their staff who often appear in videos, voice-overs and promotional photography adding a high level of authenticity to their digital marketing as well as maximising the value of their vast experience and product knowledge.