Silverstripe is one of the worlds leading open source CMS systems.

SilverStripe CMS is built on a powerful, standalone framework, and means developers can do more with SilverStripe than is possible with more traditional CMSs that lack a separate framework and focus solely on content management.

Building upon the 6+ years of combined experience our team has with SilverStripe and the fact the system is designed for Rapid Application Development and Object Oriented Programming, we develop powerful, complex functionality and we can do it faster than using any other system. This results in savings to our clients.

Features and Controls for Managing the CMS

As the CMS itself is Open Source our clients have control over how the system is used, where it is hosted and retain this control even if they switch developers. A growing community of developers are also able to provide updates to modules and the CMS and ensure the system is always improving.

SilverStripe CMS lets you plan your content in advance, offering draft and live versions of your site, and a full revisioning system, containing a historical record of page edits, as well as a rollback option to bring back an old version of a page as it used to be. Content is also shareable across multiple sites, managed through a single installation of the CMS.

The Interface

With an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and provides precise control over images and text, the SilverStripe interface can make editing complex data simple. Built upon the simple, yet powerful tinymce editor, SilverStripe’s content editor allows for seamless formatting of content, including the creation of links, bullet-point lists, tables, insertion of images and video within content and much more.

SilverStripe also aids content authors in providing an SEO friendly website, by providing page-by-page control over meta-tags, page titles and heading tags, and the ability to add alt tags on embedded images. In addition, the tinymce editor works in the background to keep the generated HTML clean and valid.

From E-Commerce to Integrations to Blog systems to Membership systems, Siversrtipe is a simple, effective and well supported framework. And as a Silverstripe Partner we can offer clients a totally warranted codebase with the backing of the Silverstripe organisation itself.