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Your website isn't just a website. It is the cornerstone of your brand.

Does your website impress, engage, escort and delight your customers? A website is so much more than just an address. It's the "tree of life" in the centre of your brand's digital ecosystem.


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95% of people say that a positive user experience is the most important factor when they visit a website.  Source

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94% of people judge websites on their responsive web design.  Source

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48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.  Source

Website design / UX

Your website is the most important brand awareness tool you have. Visitors use your website as a way to gauge your brand and to meet your brand  - and they’ll be quick to leave if it doesn’t match their expectations. At Nimbler Digital, we understand this and we create industry-leading, bespoke websites that make your brand the best "first meeting" ever.

Our websites are about more than just a sleek design. They are created on the back of a careful planning process that takes into consideration your audience, their needs and SEO-friendly systems that bring more traffic to your site. We develop sites that underpin the entire value-proposition of your brand. From being found, to generating genuine sales leads.

Nimbler runs extensive user experience (UX) and marketing purpose workshops at the start of each project to make sure your design is ready for action.

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Improve your website UX today Improve your website UX today
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Website development

We know that every website is different. That’s why we don’t use templates, plugins or a cookie-cutter approach to our work. Everything we create for you is designed and built solely to meet the unique needs of your business and your customers. It’s the only way we can truly cater to your unique needs.

Our in-house development team are tried, tested and committed to the success of your site- not just tomorrow but for years to come.We provide hosting and ongoing website and CMS support with every site we develop.

From content functionality like sliders, calculators, blogs and galleries to higher-level functionality such as booking systems and responsive e-commerce, Nimbler Digital has created systems that provide measurable results and automate your online marketing to work hard for you 24/7.

Our website design and development processes have been fine tuned to a detailed system that involves external briefs and processes as well as unique and proven internal briefing, design, development, SEO optimisation and testing protocols.

The more work we do on your website, the more value your visitors will get. Does your website need a redesign? If so contact us.

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Customer-centric websites

Customers have an amazing array of research tools at their disposal via the internet. Your website may be the centre of your universe but it won't necessarily be only thing they view when making purchase decisions.

Every business is different and each business should have a unique website strategy. Every strategy however should have the customer and their "customer journey" at its core. Some websites are information centres, designed to be found and be of assistance as customers search for solutions, others are two-touch e-commerce tools with speed and ease as the most important tool with which you "meet the customer's need". And others again will be trusted sources of news and value adding information.

All websites though, make an impression on users and this must be congruous with client reviews, social media discussion and even email communications from your business.

Today's lead generation and sales methodologies are tied into many business's website and their online marketing. The old version of a sales funnel - attracting visitors and leading them to a final transaction is only half the job today. With the internet giving customers ample opportunity to rate you, review you and relate their experiences, word-of-mouth has never been more important.

Adding immediate value to your visitors, contacts, leads AND customers when they visit is not even optional any more. Making all these people the focus of your website is imperative for growth you can measure.

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customer centric websites
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Keen to learn more? Download our free ebook, "25 Website ’Must Haves’ for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales", to take your business to the next level.

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Google ranking / SEO

Search engines rule the internet. Having effective search ranking on Google and other search engines through search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to get your site found and to build traffic.

More than 20% of people click on the first result in Google, which is almost twice as many as the second spot gets.  Source

Google's algorithms are constantly changing and there are more than 200 factors that determine how results are ranked.

to increase your search engine rankings it is critical to get the website structure and then content and content systems correct. Targeting keywords (both long-tail and short-tail) is important when you’re writing your web copy however there is more to SEO success than just keywords. Relevance, mobile friendliness, user experience all play significant roles in an effective SEO strategy and this starts at website design and conception.

Nimbler Digital has a strong record in generating continual growth for our clients through growing website traffic and conversion.  Modern search engine optimisation practices are a key part of this record.

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Content strategy

Having a well-designed website means nothing if you don’t have strong content to keep people on your site. And maintain strong engagement with visitors once they arrive.

An old saying in digital marketing is that ‘content is king’, and that remains true today. Whether it’s regular blog posts, company videos or useful infographics, providing content that helps your customers is a win-win strategy.

Generally, people don’t stay on a website because it looks nice, they stay on a site because it has information related to them that they find useful. Add well thought-out UX that helps the user’s journey through your site and you’re on to a winner.

A good content strategy will maximize your site’s effectiveness at engagement and conversion of visitors to leads and customers. Using a range of techniques including Inboud Marketing, video marketing, gamification and more, Nimbler Digital develops custom strategies that make growing traffic, customers and turnover a measurable, adjustable tools for each client.

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content strategy


There are many Content Management Systems (CMSs) that help you  create and maintain your website, some offer more functionality than others. A few of our preferred ones are SilverStripe, HubSpot and Magento.

When deciding what CMS to use, you must first scope carefully your needs, both present and future, to make ensure your choice is the right one. Do you need an online shop? Are you running a content or Inbound strategy? Will you need Pages to host live streaming? There are many reasons why the most ubiquitous CMS is not necessarily the right fit for your organisation.

Starting with the right CMS can make the difference between an ordinary site and a great one – or even one that doesn’t work at all. Choosing the wrong platform may damage your business or force you back into the process again, a lot earlier than you should be. A web development company that asks about your marketing, your audience and your business systems is just the start.

Nimbler Digital takes time to develop a professional scope that takes into account all of this and more. For more information about how we scope and plan for the correct CMS for your business, contact us with your questions.

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This is Nimbler’s preferred CMS and PHP based website platform as it’s extremely versatile, easy to use and safe. It can be developed to match most organisations’ needs and is a professional development platform so it makes future upgrades, integrations and additional functionality easy to develop.

The CMS user interface is extremely easy to navigate, so people who aren’t confident with their computer skills can create fantastic results and large teams of contributors van be accommodated according to a central administrators needs.

Successful organisations including government departments, Westpac and Air New Zealand utilise Silverstripe as well as thousands of smaller organisations.

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HubSpot is a full-service digital platform that offers marketing, sales and customer service software that includes a FREE CRM at its core.  It allows organisations to focus on Inbound Marketing techniques with automation and measurement all wrapped up. 

It combines a CMS, automated email marketing tool, extensive reporting options and many other features to help you get the most from your website.

Nimbler is a GOLD Certified Agency Partner, and we recommend Hubspot where growth marketing and sales can be improved with a solid, proven software platform and customer-centric content approach.

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Ecommerce is quickly becoming the main way customers shop. If you’re not selling your products online, you’re missing out on a huge market.

More than that though, your site needs to be responsive. Shopping on mobiles is twice as common as on desktops, so your site needs to be mobile-friendly. Setting your store up so that customers can switch between devices is another major consideration these days.

The type of shop your business runs, as well as the scale, can drastically change the requirements of your ecommerce site. Nimbler Digital recommends the following platforms: Shopify, SilverStripe and Magento.

  • Shopify works best for a small shop or when you need to get online quickly.
  • SilverStripe is a great intermediate shop, with options for API integrations with finance and point of sale systems. Nimbler Digital's SilverStripe e-commerce solution can be also be integrated into your existing website with ease.
  • Magento is the industry standard for medium to large-scale ecommerce sites. It can handle advanced ecommerce features and also double as a content management system (CMS).

A content strategy can increase your ecommerce site’s engagement through blogging and vlogging to increase brand and product awareness. Many shoppers will do research online before buying, so the more relevant information you can provide, the more likely you are to win a sale.


Magento is an open source ecommerce technology platform that gives online merchants a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online shop. It offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and inventory management tools. Magento is one of the most effective ecommerce platforms available today, with editions ranging from community to large-scale enterprise based systems.

Nimbler Digital uses the Magento product for some of our ecommerce clients. Magento's ability to scale allows shops with only a few products to easily expand to thousands of products and complex custom behaviour. It offers a variety of plug-ins and themes which allows our clients to quickly and cost effectively enhance their customers experience.

Once up and running, Magento is designed to be operated by someone who isn't a developer and this is another reason we recommend it.



In the modern era your data is more than likely stored in several locations, not just your website. The purpose of most integrations is to bring information from an external source into your website and/or sending information from your website to an external source. This can be achieved by using web services and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to facilitate communication between the two or more sources.

The goal of any integration is to allow your data to be used in systems that it was not collected from. By allowing your data to flow between your systems it will increase your website’s functionally by saving you time manually syncing data as the integration will do things automatically for you.

Nimbler has experience in integrating the following APIs into websites as well as many more: Google Analytics, Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Campaign Monitor, Micropower, Attaché, Salesforce, Pronto and HubSpot.

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Live streaming

Video is a rapidly growing force on the internet, especially on social media. By the end of 2019, it’s expected that 80% of all internet traffic will be people watching videos.  Source

One of the best ways to make use of video is with live streams. Not only are these a fantastic way to reach your audience, but you can interact with them at the same time. People are more likely to watch a video than read a long blog article, so if you do a live stream and include audience questions via a chat or comments feature, then you should see a good response.

Live streams are easy to set up, but there are many things to remember if you’re thinking about doing one. You want to make sure that:

  • It reaches as many people as possible
  • The right message is conveyed
  • You have the correct video and audio equipment
  • Your space looks good on screen
  • There’s no background noise or interference
  • You’ve done a test and a rehearsal

Live streams can be set up in a number of different ways. You can put the video on popular sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitch or you can have the video embedded on your own site. By hosting the video yourself, you can password protect it for members and even charge for the experience of watching. We strongly recommend StreamingHouse for all your live streaming and video recording needs.

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Social media

Social media is a great way to engage with people and a must-have digital strategy . Social media lets you connect with current and potential customers, share content to a wider audience and advertise to people who may not know about you yet.

Depending on your business, you may find greater success on just one or two platforms. Some of the most popular sites at the moment include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Most social media sites allow integration of some sort. You can often display content from those accounts on your own website or you may be able to push blog posts directly to social media.

You can also include tracking codes (such as Facebook Pixel) that help you identify people who are interested in your company, so that you can better target your advertising.

social media

Email marketing

After you have your website, you need to keep people coming back to it and engaged in the site and the content you produce. One extremely effective way to do this is with emails. With modern marketing platforms, you can send out targeted emails to prospective customers, current customers and past customers.

By targeting people with exactly what they want, we can expect a higher engagement rate and a better ROI. By gathering information on forms, using cookies and tracking software to understand trends and interests, we can create a profile for each person and use this information to create smart emails to maximise returns.

There are many email marketing platforms that can be used, including Mail Chimp,  Campaign Monitor and HubSpot that have easy drag and drop interfaces to build and send emails quickly. Identifying the right one for you based on your needs will help you to get the most from your chosen platform.

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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an online email marketing application that enables organisations big and small to create, send, manage and track branded emails to growing lists of engaged customers and prospects.

It’s a simple simple and elegant email marketing software used by some of the biggest clients in the world. Companies such as BuzzFeed, Coca-Cola, Disney,  and Rip Curl use Campaign Monitor to run email marketing campaigns that deliver results for their business.

Its most attractive feature is a very user friendly WYSIWYG editor allowing clients to custom design their emails to maximise engagement.

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Hosting & domain names

To guarantee the most efficient and reliable website functionality, Nimbler Digital offers website hosting to its clients on its own dedicated server system.

Website hosting is your own personal spot on the internet where you can store your website, upload your videos and add your content. It’s essential, as without it your website wouldn’t have an online home and people wouldn’t be able to see it.

Once the website’s code is uploaded to the internet, you still need a way to allow people to access it. This is where the domain name comes in.

A domain name is the website address (or URL) that you can give people to type in and find your site – like nimbler.com.au.  In most cases, your domain name will be a variation of your business name, making it easy for customers to find you.

Nimbler Digital clients enjoy an extremely high level of service and almost zero interruptions to their websites uptime.

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Every business has a unique set of needs. Contact us to discuss in full confidentiality what yours are. We look for "good fit" with clients we take on which explains why many of our clients have been with us for many years.

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