Why SilverStripe

SilverStripe is an open source web content management system (CMS) used by businesses, governments, and non-profit organisations around the world. It is a power tool for professional web development teams, and web content authors. Above every other virtue (and there are a few) it is one of the easiest CMS experiences available.

Silverstripe Logo   As a platform, SilverStripe is used by developers to build websites and web applications. SilverStripe CMS enables websites and applications to contain stunning design, great content, and compelling interactive and social functions. The architecture of SilverStripe CMS allows organisations to stay at the cutting edge of web innovations.

Besides being so easy to use for authors, SilverStripe CMS contains a powerful PHP based programming framework. The SilverStripe Framework brings immense flexibility and ease in customising your site. It provides fundamentals such as security models, workflows and caching as well as multi-language and multi-site support.

Released in 2006, SilverStripe is open source and has been downloaded more than one million times. SilverStripe is used by many well-known brands and organisations, like Air NZ, Westpac, Gordon Ramsay, Forbes Magazine, Lenovo, NSW Government, Challenge Community Services and many more.

SilverStripe is:

  • User-friendly: Anyone can learn to use SilverStripe quickly and efficiently.
  • Scalable and Secure: SilverStripe is extremely scalable and grows with your needs.
  • Flexible: SilverStripe doesn't force your business outcomes into an out-of-the-box solution.
  • Content Focussed: SilverStripe can help with strategy, migration and managing content across a number of disparate sites, systems and technologies.
  • Standards-compliant: SilverStripe is built with best practices in mind - it's easy to make and keep your site compliant with W3C web and accessibility standards.
  • Free: SilverStripe is open source and free to use.
  • Very Flexible: The SilverStripe architecture allows developers like Nimbler Digital to build interactive, sophisticated sites and applications and it is completely extendable for your specific needs.
  • Supported: Silverstripe.org can guarantee your codebase. SilverStripe has a fast-growing international reputation and a global community of developers.


The out-of-the-box SilverStripe installation provides:

  • User-friendly MS Word-like WYSIWYG editing
  • Drag and drop sitemap
  • SEO and standards compliant
  • Files and images manager
  • Content versioning and roll-back
  • Preview of content before publishing
  • Friendly URLs
  • Fine-tuned user roles and permissions
  • Multiple language support
  • Installation on Windows, Mac and Linux servers

If you would like to discuss SilverStripe, or if you think it may be a good fit for your project, please contact us and find out more!